Podcast Guest: Developing The Leader Within with Enrique Acosta Gonzalez

Developing The Leader Within with Enrique Acosta Gonzalez

I was a guest on Enrique Acosta Gonzalez’s podcast – Developing The Leader Within. The episode went live on Monday 22nd January 2024 and is available on all major platforms – you will be able to listen to it here on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or watch it on YouTube below:

In this podcast I discussed:

1. A personal experience where I had to perform under high-pressure situations, and how I handled it, and what I learned from the experience. 7:38

2. Some common factors that contribute to pressure in various fields, and how individuals can prepare themselves mentally and emotionally to handle such situations? 13:50

3. How mindset of an individual impacts their performance under pressure, and specific mental strategies or techniques that can enhance performance in challenging scenarios. 17:26

4. Misconceptions about performing under pressure, and how to dispel them to help individuals better navigate challenging situations. 21:46

5. Practical tips or advice for listeners who may be facing pressure in their professional or personal lives, and how to build resilience to perform at your best when the stakes are high. 26:53

You can find out about more about Enrique Acosta Gonzalez on LinkedIn.

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