Free Consultation

15 minute session

An opportunity for me to listen and for you to ask any questions. To meet each other via phone or video call, so that we can understand more about next steps.

Get in touch

Managing and Leading Remote and In Person Teams

4 x 2-hour session

Are you struggling with managing your remote and in person teams? Have you joined your team whilst remote? Do you want to have more active choice when under pressure?

Interview Skills Bootcamp

2 x 2-hour session

Got interviews coming up? Need to feel more confident about your approach and interview process? This offer will enable you to go into interviews feeling rehearsed, up skilled and confident. Sign up to these bespoke sessions, and get yourself the work you really want.

Brief Encounter

1-hour session

It is exactly what it says…a brief session to achieve any of your audience engagement goals.

Zero In

3 x 2-hour sessions

Zero in on the process of developing your confidence and authenticity when preparing and delivering to your audience.

The Confident You

2-hour session

Rehearse your delivery whilst discovering tools and techniques to instantly tap into the most confident and authentic version of yourself.

Your LinkedIn Page Video

4-hour or 7-hour session

Be professionally directed and supported through this process, from the design, to the delivery, with an option to have the material professionally edited if needed. This includes delivery rehearsal, script design, filming and testimonial.